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RouletteRaid V5 Software

Can you win an online roulette game? The answer for a long time has been not really, but here at RouletteRaid we have spent a lot of time and money redressing the balance. Our online roulette strategy resources have been released since early 2008 and the results so far have been amazing. Simple to use with outstanding results our products have become the talk of Roulette world. All our systems employ the use of our patented RAID and RAIDX fluid "learning" technology.

Our products are specifically designed for the online roulette game. The software is intended for use on the single zero live wheels. All our products are free to try. To purchase one of our products you have to download the free trial and obtain the activation code to fully activate the roulette system software.

We don't fill our site with testimonials, that would be stupid. We simply say, search the web, read the forums, check the roulette chat, our customers sell our products for us......

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What is Rouletteraid?

Rouletteraid is roulette prediction software. The software calculates the most probable result and advises on a suitable stake. The software is simple to use. Start up RouletteRaid and sit it along side your online casino game. Just enter the result from your casino game into the RouletteRaid and follow Rouletteraid roulette prediction.

Latest News

How can you predict results of a roulette game? Below is a visualisation of a roulette game played at Dublinbet on the 01/01/2013. The image shows results of 713 spins of the roulette wheel. Can you see a pattern in these so called random results? Try for yourself, enter your own spin history here

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